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released July 28, 2011




Laugh It Off Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Whatever The Fuck It Takes
There are times in life, when it's so hard to try
nothing you do feel's right and you feel oh so dead inside
but there are things in life, that are worth the fight
when a bed day ends and we're in bed do you not feel alive?

So you don't have to tell me
that things haven't been alright for a while
because I already know

You think I can't relate, but I relate to everything
I feel extra-terrestrial when you're exceptionally stressed out
You call me ridiculous, but I'm into this.
I'm not making any sense, but this is as clear as I can get.

If you're thinking of setting sail well please stay at port
The waves are out for blood tonight, please stay at port

If you'll let me,
I will anchor this ship through anything if you'll weather this storm
I'll keep you safe 'til the waves calm so please weather this storm
Track Name: Rivington Street
A bus ride, I'm feeling anxious
the rain's a mask of darkness
every song I hear on my headphones is nostalgic

Where am I'm going?
Is it really home?

This bus is taking me to the heart of a storm in the city where I was born.

It's where I grew up.
it is not my home.

Apparently a tornado struck where my grandma grew up
Where her house once stood is now a yuppie coffee shop.
Track Name: A Real Life Story of Mid-Twenties Depression
I can't sleep so I'll go for a ride
Maybe sprinting through these city streets
Will burn up all the shit that's trapped inside of me

These days my body runs on angst and anxiety
Tonight is the night thats gonna set me free

The routes I know don't go to the places where they used to go.
Tonight I know I ride alone. I won't stop until I find a new way home.

Tonight I feel invincible. I'm too depressed to die. I keep on looking straight as I blow right through this stop sign.
My ratio is maxed out, my lungs are burning up, at least I'm feeling something, this is my salvation.

We won't move forward together
My legs keep the rythme my guts take over I run every red light

The routes I know don't go to the places where they used to go.
Tonight I know I ride alone. I won't stop until I find a new way home.
Track Name: One For The Wigman
On these long dark winter nights I realize how fast time flies by.
I blinked today and realized that we've been apart these last five years
distant in miles but not in regard sometimes I forget you're not here

On and on and on and on
that's the way life goes
so far yet so close

My left arm shows the scars of we, tattoos of all our memories

It's not location or the days between the times we speak
But an homage to an accord that we keep

On and on and on and on...
That's the way life goes
So far yet so close

The maps unfold and time explodes
Recaptured in the stories told.

Every day we're looking back but moving forward.